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We design and realize smart transportation systems 

INYO stands for innovative and resource-efficient design.Our products are space-saving and lightweight constructions, maximizing efficiency while providing a comfortable and spacious interior. With a modular approach, our CAB and other vehicles offer flexibility and adaptability, making them a standout solution for modern transportation needs.




Introducing the INYO CAB, a compact and autonomous lightweight shuttle designed for the future of individual public transportation. As a self-driving taxi, it offers a quick and reliable way to transport commuters, tourists, individuals with limited mobility, and everyone else from point A to point B. With its small footprint and surprisingly spacious interior, the INYO CAB delivers fast and comfortable local travel, reducing transfers and ensuring direct connections.

Its modular design and energy-efficient drivetrain make it an efficient and forward-thinking vehicle of the future. Experience the seamless blend of autonomy, convenience, and sustainability with the INYO CAB. Book your ride today!

Autonomous Driving

Prepared for L4 autonomous driving.

Modular Concept

Individual configuration versions - adaptable for your need! 


Seats up to four passengers while delivering a comfortable and innovative riding experience.

Compact Size

With a compact size of 300 x 150 x 180 cm it can be classified as a L7e (max. 450 kg) vehicle!

Individual Public Transport

Experience the future of individual public transport with INYO CAB. Enjoy the freedom of autonomous driving while indulging in a high level of comfort. Our personalized riding experience caters to your needs, providing flexibility and agility in every journey. Say goodbye to emissions and hello to sustainability, as our eco-friendly solution reduces environmental impact.

Embrace accessibility for all, as the INYO CAB opens doors for everyone. Join us as we revolutionize individual public transport.

CAB Applications


The INYO CAB is a versatile and efficient transportation solution that caters to a wide range of practical applications, making it incredibly useful in various scenarios. Whether you need to transport groceries, luggage, or simply want to run errands or meet up with friends, the INYO CAB is designed to meet your specific needs. Its reliable performance ensures quick and personalized transportation, offering a seamless and convenient riding experience.

Moreover, the INYO CAB addresses transportation challenges in urban, suburban, and rural areas, providing a practical solution even in economically challenging environments. Discover the immense utility of the INYO CAB and unlock a new level of convenience in your daily travels.


INYO: Designing and realize smart transportation systems. Based in Grafingen near Munich, our young and ambitious company is fueled by the goal of reshaping mobility. With competent partners and innovative technologies showcased through our lightweight CAB, we are at the forefront of transportation revolution. Our small but dedicated team is eager to grow and connect with like-minded individuals. Have questions or ideas? Let's start a conversation. Together, we can create intelligent transportation solutions for a smarter future.

Get in touch with us!

Ready to join the revolution of autonomous public transportation? Whether you have questions, want to join our team, or simply curious about our groundbreaking work, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us today and let's shape the future of mobility together.

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