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INYO CAB unveiled at IAA 2023 - Our Vision for Sustainable Last-Mile Transportation hits the streets

At the recent MZM (Mobile future Munich) event held at CADFEM headquarters in Grafing, we introduced the world to INYO CAB, an innovative lightweight electric vehicle designed for first and last-mile transportation. With two prototypes on display, INYO CAB offers a promising glimpse into the future of individual transportation, making the last mile more ecological and accessible than ever.

Sustainable and Lightweight

INYO CAB is not your average vehicle. It's a lightweight electric solution crafted to address the challenges of first and last-mile transportation. Designed with sustainability in mind, it aims to reduce our carbon footprint while providing a convenient and accessible mode of travel for everyone.

First and Last-Mile Revolution

In congested urban areas or sparsely populated rural regions, the first and last mile of a journey can often be the most challenging. INYO CAB seeks to revolutionize this aspect of transportation, offering a practical and eco-friendly augmentation to traditional modes of travel. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring your city, INYO CAB is the answer.

A Greener Future

INYO CAB's electric powertrain contributes to a cleaner environment by minimizing emissions. The lightweight and compact chassis reduces electricity usage and thus makes it a more sustainable travel solution.

Press Mentions

We are very happy about some media attention we got during the IAA Mobility 2023 and want to link some mentions:

Da steht es nun also, das Inyo Cab. Nicht mehr nur als Rendering auf den Laptopbildschirmen seines Entwicklers Marcus Zwick.

"So there it is, the Inyo Cab. No longer just a rendering on the laptop screens of its developer Marcus Zwick."

Quoted from:

Dieser Bus braucht keinen Fahrer (The Bus does not need a Driver) (Article, SZ, Theo Harzer)


The unveiling of INYO CAB at the MZM event signifies our commitment to reimagining individual transportation and is a huge step towards the realization of INYOs Vision to enable individual public transportation for everyone. With its lightweight design and eco-conscious approach, INYO CAB offers a promising solution to the challenges of first and last-mile travel. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards making eco-friendly and accessible last-mile transportation a reality for all.

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